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Amusement Park Rides

Thrill seekers you've come to the right place. From the adrenaline of being high in the sky to the elation of plummetting toward the ground at unthinkable speeds, our intense rides are one you won't want to miss!


Adventure & Exploration

From the deep blue sea, Big Ben in England, the Great Wall of China, all the way to the time of dinosaurs, our Exploration simulations are a great way to have an adventure & discover new worlds plus see the best part of our own. 



Our horror VR simulations are sure to have you screaming with terror and asking for your mommy. They're a terrifying thrill and a huge fan favorite.


Hover Crafts & Kids Rides

From Jet Packs to Hover Crafts we have tons of fun kid friendly options so that people of all ages can enjoy the magic of VR!